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Become a Promoter! Earn real cash referring people!

  • Do you wanting to earn cash?
  • Do you have friends from U.S, Canada, or the U.K?
  • Are you interested in a dedicated support staff to help you with your journey?

If you have answered yes to these questions, then we would like to offer you our easy to use, easy to earn promoter membership. 

With the promoter membership, you can earn REAL cash just by referring new members!

You get;

  • $1.00 for each US and UK member you refer ($0.50 for Joining, and another $0.50 when they complete an offer)
  • $0.20 for referring a Canadian (For offer completion only)

ain't that great? Easy money! But it doesn't end there!

  • For the members that you have referred, you earn 15% of every offer they do.
  • For members that your members refer, you receive 3% of every offer they do.
  • For members that your members members refer you receive 2% of every offer they do.

If you want more information on referring people then there are guides and advice in our member Wiki!
Simply click "Referrals" in the Wiki menu on the right!

(This part is technical and not for "dummies", thou has been warned)

Promotion rates 

There are two promotion rates: for registration and if someone completes an offer. Both promotion rates are at 50 cents. The offer rate is static and will always remain 50 cents. The registration rate however is dynamic, and if your quality is not high enough it could possibly get lower. We ask promoters to have 1 out of 10 users to complete an offer or refer someone else. Those users are counted as active users. The formula would be something like this:

Total users = everyone from the US/UK minus except validating users. Active users = everyone from the US/UK that completed an offer or referred someone else

If total users is 100, then the active users must be 10 to keep 50 cents offers rate. If your have less active users, the offers rate will become gradually become lower. Once again, the offer rate will always remain 50 cents.


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