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 Welcome to our Points2shop Rules page (no not a tribute to how awesome points2shop is silly but the rules you must follow) We could have easily copy and pasted the points2shop rules, but who has time to read through all that dribble, here are the basic rules! 

Basic Rules 

 1) Only ONE Account per person/household/IP

  • This is very simple, you can only have one account, that means if your brother/sister wants to create an account it up to you to tell them to buzz off! 

 2) Use REAL Information 

  • This too is simple, you MUST use real Information on Points2shop and on the offers, by REAL Info we mean YOUR information, Not your favourite cartoon characters, not a friends, YOURS! 

 3) Be at least 13 y/o 

  • Sorry kids, but Points2shop is only for persons aged 13 and above, If your aged between 13 and 17 you MUST have parental permission to use the site! 

 4) No Proxies/Logging on elsewhere 

  • Very simple, ONLY log in to your points2shop account at home, I know Points2shop is so awesome that its hard to keep away, but you must fight the urge. 

 5) No Cheating! No one likes a cheat!

  • Cheating at the games on Points2shop is a never a good idea, you will be banned before you can spend those points earned!

Now look that wasn't so hard was it? Follow these simple rules and you'll keep out of trouble.

Broken a Rule?

If for whatever reason you have broken one of these rules (perhaps by accident) then please Send a ticket, the admins are very kind and will help you but remember hiding from your mistake is not an option, you will be caught!


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