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An Explanation Why
Why Can't I Advertise Other GPT Websites?

There are multiple reasons why, but let me bedazzle you. If you owned a website much like this, and as successful, would you like your users to be inviting others to another website? Causing you to not only lose business, but also to lose active members, money, and eventually you could lose the whole website. It's like going bankrupt. So, you see why they don't allow it?

Why Can't I Read Offer Comments?

Many of you may be wondering this same question. Again, there are multiple reasons, but I am going into the most explanatory one. You may think that there are a lot of advertisers out there to choose from, but you're wrong. Notice how a lot of offers have repeating names in the titles? Well, these advertisers were unhappy that users here can simply read somebody else's post, and get money straight out of the advertisers pockets. The Points2Shop/Cashle team have been battling almost daily with these advertisers to allow the comments to stay up, which cause a huge drop in the amount of offers, approval rate, etc. They took the comments down to not only help them, but also to help us. Now we will possibly get more offers, and they may have a higher approval rate. If people are doing them correctly.

Is it Considered Fraud if I Use False Information?

Yes, Publishing false information is a type of fraud committed when a criminal creates, destroys, conceals, or falsifies an account, record or report which is deliberately misleading on the company's financial position. Fraud is against the law, no matter who or where you are.

Now, an excerpt from the Terms and Conditions:

You may only sign up for offers in your own name, and only one person may use the account. The exception is married couples living in the same household, who may share an account. If you use a credit card for trials, the credit card must be in your name - No one else's!

Why do I Have to Verify My Address to Play More Games?

I know two reasons why for this one. Before the update, new users tended to spend all their sign up bonus on the games, and later go on to the shoutbox and complain about it. They limited it to 50 Points for new users so they have enough points to verify their address still. Another reason they did this is to decrease the amount of cheating. Again, before the update, a large group of people continuously signed up to cheat at the games, because all there previous accounts have been banned. Now that there is a limit, there would be no point whatsoever to do that.

Why Limited to One Account Per IP Address?

This one is fairly simple to explain. If you were allowed more then one account per IP address, you could easily create multiple accounts using your referral link. We don't want that happening now, do we? Also, if there is somebody else in your household who would like to sign up, you can always share your account with them.

What is a Proxy, and Why Does It Say I Used One?

A proxy is an intermediate server that sits between the client and the origin server. It accepts requests from clients, transmits those requests on to the origin server, and then returns the response from the origin server to the client. In other words, it masks your IP address with it's own, which allows users to cheat at getting referrals. That is, why they are not a loud. It may say you used one due to multiple reasons. You could of signed in at a school, library, or an online based proxy. Also, some web browsers have an option t use a proxy. Make sure that is always turned off! If you have a warning about using a proxy, please, respond to the support ticket you have received and explain. If you did not receive a support ticket, send one in immediately.

Why am I not Allowed to Use Profanity on Here?

Believe it or not, this is a family website. We have many minors on here ages 13-17 and profanity just isn't their age appropriate. Also, incase you didn't know, profanity is rude, unneeded, and vulgar. Using it will result in either a warning or ban.

What are Honour Levels?

Honour levels are somewhat like ranks, the higher your honour is, the more power/abilities you have. There are six honours in all, New being the first.


The honour New is the lowest honour, and has the least amount of power. They still have all the basic functions of any other user, as in completing offers, playing games, ordering things, etc. But they have limits. Those limits include, only able to spend fifty points in the Points2shop games, only able to send a certain amount of Private Messages, etc. When you sign up, you start out as new. The next rank is bronze .


Bronze is much like new, but it has a little bit more power. Bronze members can now spend how ever many points they want in games, and can play Number Limbo. To achieve bronze you must Verify Your Address The next honour is silver .


Silver is the point where you should not be asking for help much, and start helping others instead. Some of the powers gained when turning silver are: Manual Offers, Challenge Others to Games, and adding tags to an offer. To become silver, you must earn at least $10.00 by completing offers, have no more than than 5% of your offers denied by an administrator, have at least ten offers approve. The next honour is gold .


Gold is where the real "fun" begins. Additional powers are: INSTANT PayPal payments when you withdraw cash earnings to your PayPal account, additional offers from introductory advertising partners are available, all offers are unlocked and points earned from locked offers are awarded, You will be able to donate points to your friends that are honours Gold and up, and many new offers will be available for you to complete. Also, notice the little red explanation mark next to everyones posts? That allows you to delete rule breaking, spam, etc. To become gold, you must earn at least $25.00 by completing offers, your oldest approved offer must be at least 2 months old, and you must make at least one payment (withdraw or amazon.) The next honour is platinum .


Platinum is nice, but you don't gain much from it, well, more respect. Your name is now green in the shoutbox, you have a new "moderation" feature, and you get a bonus 250 points. To achieve platinum, you must earn at least 100 dollars (US) or 50 dollars (UK, CA) by completing offers, and refer at least 10 new members to the site. The next honour is elite .


Achieving this honour is something to definitely be proud of. Although, like platinum, there isn't much of a bonus. Your name is now black in the shoutbox(Cool, eh?) and you get another 250 bonus points. To achieve this honour, you must earn atleast 400 dollars (US) or 200 dollars (UK, CA) by completing offers and be a member for nine months.

What are Moderators,Forum Mods and/or Administrators?

All three classes are here to make this community a better place. Moderators usually tend the shoutbox, although they help clean up the forums as well. If they catch somebody breaking the rules, in the shoutbox, they will ban, or as others call it, mute them. Forum moderators are pretty much the same as moderators, but with less power (No Offense!) They do most of the cleaning up in the forums, and cannot ban in the shoutbox. Administrators are the highest rank out the three, although there are different types of administrators. They tend the support tickets, approve the orders, run the website, and do the updates.
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