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Offer Tags
These tags can give you valuable information on what the offers will contain and what type of offer they are.

You can also click on these tags and they will take you to other offers of that type.

For example if you click on the ''free'' offer tag it will take you to the free offer list.

As well as offers being grouped by type they are now also grouped by advertiser, If you complete an offer that approves for you
and you wish to do more of those offer then you can click the offer name tag and it will take you to all the offers from that
group that you have not yet completed.

For example if you complete an Eversave offer and you wish to complete more you can click on the ''Eversave'' offer tag, and it will take you
to all other Eversave offers that you have not yet completed or that you can now retry.

Here is a list of the tags and what they mean.

Adult - This offer may contain content unsuitable for children.

Cell phone - This offer requires a mobile phone number (PIN confirmation).

Daily - This offer can be completed every day.

Daily click - This offer can daily be clicked.

Download - This offer requires you to download and install software.

Easy - This offer is easy to complete.

Email confirm - This offer requires email confirmation. It means you need to confirm your email, meaning to send your email back to the survey or offer you signed up for.

Email submit - This is an email submit offer. You will need to enter your email address to qualify and get credit.

Free - This offer does not require you to pay money to earn your reward.,freebies

Locked - Upon completion of this offer, the points are locked until you reach Gold honour level.

Mail - This offer will mail a package or letter to your house.

Paid - This offer cannot be completed without spending money.

Path offer - This offer is a path offer. (2/2/2 or 2/2/4)

Paypal - Paypal Accepted - This is a paid offer that allows the required payment be taken your paypal account.

Phone - his offer asks for your phone number.

Print out - This offer requires you to print something.

Quiz - This offer is a quiz

Real survey - This is a real marketing research survey

Research - This offer is a detailed survey with minimal advertising.

Surveys - This offer involves you completing a survey before you can receive credit.

Trial - This offer is free or discounted for a duration of time.

Zip submit - This is an zip submit offer. You will need to enter your Zip Code to qualify and receive credit.

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