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Using Real Information!

Why must I use real information?

Glad you asked! Why should you use real information? here a reason, If you don't use real information YOU GET BANNED! simple as. But here is another reason, If you didn't already know then here goes;

"Advertisers pay P2S for leads, members provide these leads by completing offers, P2S then pays member upon offer Approval."

This means Advertisers are paying YOU for your time in completing their offers, Points2shop is just the middle man here, Advertisers are paying for good leads and a good lead is someone who uses real information, If you don't use real information then your known as a "bad lead".

Bad leads are not good, if an advertisers gets many "bad leads" they may refuse to pay Points2shop and then Points2shop has to reverse earnings from both the honest and dishonest members, and if you are a dishonest member you better RUN!
But please do try to think of the Advertisers, they are paying money (and alot of it) to get your opinions on stuff, don't lie to them it only makes honest people lose money.

So please, only use REAL information on Points2shop and on the Offers.
Category: Other | Added by: puddleuk (2010 Jun 28)
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