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Advice: Less-Reliable Offers

Special Thanks to VortexFM For writing this

Ok, first thing to be aware about less reliable offers that you know of, is that they tend to backfire very easily. Even if they have a high approval rate, or they have been pending for months. meaning you loose the amount of points you intended to gain.

So, here are some tips for them, especially if they are high point ones:

- Put more effort into it than you usually would. Click on everything and anything they throw at you. 
- If its a paid offer, pay soon.
- If they send you emails, reply to them nicely.
- Try only the low points ones if they look very unreliable
- Pop-ups are meaningful! Do them! 
- Most are trials. So make at least one payment if it does not credit. If it credits before you have to make any sort of payment. CANCEL IT. and claim the points without paying, because they never asked for them.
- Accept the calls. If they should call you, then don't tell them to get lost, sound interested, and show you really are interested. Faliure to do so, will just prove you aren't interested, you are a timewaster, and they won't credit you.
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