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Advice: Paid Offers

Special Thanks to VortexFM for wring this


As this is an Official Advice Sheet, you will not get an entire walkthrough of this offer, because "Paid" can refer to lots of offers unspecifically, and they all work in their own unique way. But this Advice Sheet has advice which applies to all paid offers in general. 

I will teach you some tricks that can even get you to make a profit without even returning the product. (Don’t return the product by the way!) So this will give you some tips to help you and increase your chances of approval.

First, find an offer that has a "Paid" tag on it. Like: eCar insurance.

- The one thing you should do before you start a paid offer is check weather the points are worth the cost. Unless you actually want the product, in which case, any points you earn are a bonus! More about this below.

- If you are on an air miles (Or similar Rewards For Purchase Program) (RFPP) you should be able to claim them on a paid offer. (Making it even more worth it.

- If you pay and never receive points, you can ask for a refund.

- Give it time to credit! It may take a while! Id say at about 3-7 days for such a large paid offer.

- Use the product if they can track consumer usage. Like a credit card, or a paid download. (See my download guide for more information about this.)

- DO NOT RETURN IT! Shame on you if you thought you could rip them off for points! No seriously, don't, there is another way around it, that gets you your money back, keeping your points legit. 

- Sell it! Got the product? Got the points? Get on eBay and get rid! Only if you don't actually want it of course. This will refund some/most of your loss for the product you purchased. 

- Repeat the last! Do this for loads of offers! It’s a great, legit and easy way to refund you without returning the product and decreasing the quality of offers.

- Returning the product may backfire, thus resulting in a negative loss in points. And also not to mention their point of advertising in the first place.

- For offers where you can't sell on your product (Such as a non-physical product, like a download, or a product of no value.) Make sure you have received a good fraction of points to balance out just some of a loss. Now its ok to make some of a loss, because think of it this way: You're a step closer to a higher honour level!

- Share you information with others in the offer comments. But don't just say "Not worth points" or "good offer, good points" Make it interesting, or simple, but not a paragraph of block text. Simple.

Thankyou for taking interest in my guide, comments and feedback welcome. Please leave your message below, since i put alot of time into making this! Also apologies for when this first came out with bugs.

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