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How to improve offer approval rating.
This will mainly be for the "NEW" members that join the website, i understand that when you first join the website you want to complete lots of offers and earn lots of points fast but without this information you could see a lot of those offers not approve at all so heres what you have to do to help ensure that those offers approve 100% of the time.

  Step 1, (Most important thing of all) make sure that when you complete an offer of which you have already completed an offer of that type I.E. if you have completed an [UKPD] offer with the email make sure that when you do the next [UKPD] offer you do not user the same email.

The reason for this is that advertisers want unique visiters to sign up so using the same email means you are not using a unique sign up method therefore they are less inclined to approve the offer.

  Step 2, Always click yes to at least 2 of the addition offers that you see after the innital landing pages where you fill in your information ETC, this has a great improvement on approval as the advertisers are always much more inclined to approve the offer when they see you have opted in for more that what the offer required.

make sure you click yes on ones that send an email to you rather than ones that send items to your house so that you dont get unwanted mail in the post. but doing this sees 99% of my offers approve now that i do.

Step 3,  Always get to the end of the offer (9/10 it will say congratulations or thank you for your time or something along those lines once you reach the end of offer/survey). To do this you must fill out your correct information on the landing pages then after that you can skip any additional offers that are shown as they are not part of the main offer you clicked on.

Just keep skipping until you get to ending page which is where you will see the congratulations or other form of ending page, only then should you hit that mark as complete butten.

thats about it really so to all new members i hope this helps you out and sees you getting those well earned points in the future.
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