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Guide: Download Offers

Special Thanks to VortexFM for writing the this!

First of all, make sure what you are downloading is a safe file, I.E, just ignore it if you definately know its a virus! Straight foward advice there, that you already know. This guide covers mainly PC software downloads, but touches on phone downloads, and how to get your phone to work with survey software etc. But if you want a page specifically about phone offers, see here: 

Start by clearing all cookies from your computer, which can be done by pressing and holding, control, shift, delete. Then you will need to click the offer in question. For example, SweetIM.

Now make sure you have no download blocker on. But make sure that you DO have a virus blocker on like McAfee security centre. 

Pre Sign-Up services: Sign up to the service if it requires a sign up process, and use your real email that you can access straight after download, you'll see why later.

If you are downloading to your phone, make sure you actually have enough credit and memory space before it gets to work! And also check if your sim provider supports it.

Now you are ready to start downloading. Now click "Download" which will either be a hyper link, or a banner advertising the download. You will then get a pop-up.

Notice, it gives you the option to "Run" or "Save" the file. (Although this may not be the case with other download offers.) Now, you need to save it, but save it in the best place where you can find it. I.E desktop.

PLEASE BE AWARE: if you are warned there is a virus in the download, you may choose not to download, but you will not be credited!

If norton (or whatever software to detect virus you use) detects a virus, select "continue with download" then scan straight after the file has left your computer! but be sure to run a "full scan" of your whole computer and its files. 

After you have downloaded the file, check your email for a confirmation link if you signed up to a service earlier on in the guide. And click confirm if there is one there.

Now you have the software, if you don't Actually want it, you can get rid. But first:

- Play around on it to show you are active, and do anything they specifically want you to do for it to credit.
- Then select mark as complete, and claim the offer. 
- Once it has approved, you can delete the download if you no longer want it from the space you left it earlier, like i said Desktop. (But only after it has approved. Id say leave it for 3 days if it does not approve within 24 hours.)

Once it has approved, you're done! Hope this helps you, and any comments as usual are welcome (negative and positive). Anyone who has used this guide and got credited i would especially like to comment. Thanks! 
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