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How to get those pesky 100 point offers to approve!
Are you tired of taking loads of time on those 100 point offers, only to have them not approve? Well here is a guide to hopefully improve that approval rating for NSP, TF, SB, and CRB offers!

Step 1
~clear cookies as you would for all offers.

Step 2
~pick an offer and on the first 2 pages enter your valid info as in email, name ect. ( i rec. using or yahoo for these offers ) reason i say that is because it is a good UNIQUE email address and i have the best luck with it thats what i used for all of them.

Step 3
~for these offers it best to sign up for everything that you can with in the offer like news letters, ITT tech, term life insurance, the vacation offers, baby free stuff, -- just everything that you can the more the better chances for approval.

~It should be noted that when doing the opt in offers your best bet on approvals is to fully complete them, no one page submits and try not to speed through the pages. The more time you spend on completing an offer the better quality it is to the advertisers which means youll get  a better chance at approval.

~You will eventually get brought to a page where it has a red bar on the right filled with a few skips you need to do to fill the bar up  the 1st page will have your number added you did for the offer that you must submit and are given a few other signups with it. Do not skip them all or chances of approval are slim. You can submit your number if you want without being charges its for classification purposes (make sure to always read fine print since most number submits do require you to pay) and/or signup on the surveys etc they have most if you can just make sure not to skip them all

~usually your brung to your last page of yes/nos with about 10 offers. say yes to at least 2-3 (i do all lol) when you do them make ure to complete it fully. most are path offers so fill in info and submit on that opt in and complete until you reach the silver/gold/plat pages

*as a warning the offers sometimes will lead you away from the main offer and let you continue only that opt in you did. When that happens you can do 1 of 2 things : continue with it to the s/g/p pages as stated then close those pages. Then youll see a pop up that appears with s/g/p that the main offer needed(example you did the plasma tv offer the pages will have that to do) click on the pages required and your done here to follow step 4 OR ------ once the pop up the pop appears to redirect you off the main offer, press the back arrows to  get back to the main offer and skip and follow with the rest if they try to redirect you of the main offer.

Step 4
~the path offers just do these like you would any other offer
for the silver offers open the number of offers it asks for let the load
after they are loaded move on to the gold offers do the same as you did for the silver open the number of pages let them load. then move on to the plat offers and do the same. let all of the pages load after they are all loaded if there is a bonus offer click on at lest one bonus offer ( if there are any) and let it load.

~confirm a few emails you get it doesnt have to be the confirm from the main offer esp if you didnt recieve one. Confirming other junk mail does help to do as many as you can

~wait for 1 min (i would recommend about 5 though) then claim the offer play s2w if you havent done the offer yet after that just start closing out the tabs. Then wait the offers have been taken any were from 1 hour to 4 or 5 hours to approve.

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