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Advice: Referrals
Special Thanks to VortexFM for the writing this!

Hey everyone, in this advice page, there will be ways that I can guarantee YOU WILL GET REFS. And guess what? IM NOT SELLING IT! IT WONT COST YOU A PENNY! 
How? Combining information from what I have seen in ref strategies and online eBooks, I can put it all together. 

Ok, so welcome to the new guide, this is basically for those of you who have no idea how to get refs. 

Start Earning refs!
Hello, welcome to the new ref guide. Please be aware that some techniques used in here have been found without signup, and some have been donated to me, therefore i have yet to try them out. You can also comment on what works and what doesn't.

I have split this guide into sections of:

* Tips
* Advertising your link
* Websites/Links for refs (6x trick revealed!)
* Free Options

This is done so you can refer to the section of your choice. So without further intro, here it is!:


Tips: Ok so, you've tried to get your link out to people I presume? Well, the following is a tips section which will help you get it out to people. 


Websites are a graet way to get your ref link on the wb. And because its not on a forums, it can't be deleted, and you can customize it how you want. First you need a domain, wether it being a weebly, or a paid suffix. A wesite that costs less than $10 a year will do, does not need to be fancy, or have a high bandwidth.

Depending how much you want to spend on getting refs, or getting a website on the roll, will determine how many refs you get in turn. Once you have got a website up and running, Make it look good! Even with the most basic tools, it can be done very well. Upload pictures, text, links, nice banners, and make it look colourful, but professional.

If you dont have HTML skills, look for basic HTML codes on google, to make your own widgets and interesting add-ons to your site. 

Now, to accompany this guide, i have made a quick scappy website, with no pictures, just to show you how simple and easy it can be. SEE:
Simple, to the points, and holds a ref link, done.

Once you've got as far as this, it needs to become VIRAL. A new word perhaps? All viral means is just getting it out in bulk to loads of people, who then foward the site etc. Like me for instance, I have over 1550 forum posts, loads of people know me in the shout, and recognkise my avatar, all because i advertise myself all over p2s, in lots of different ways. 

Making your link Viral in real life is a bit different. Now wether you want to advertise your actual link, or this website you have created,(i reccomend the site, because it entices new users to join) Is another matter of your choice, but as a general guide:

* Put posters up or cards in shop windows with attractive designs, and explain what p2s is. 

* Tell your friends! Word of mouth, MSN, Xbox LIVE or email. You can use points2shop's email sender here:

* Use advertisement sites liste under links

* Buy uniwue visitors, or unique sign ups to your site.

* Autosurfs: Autosurfs are downright awful, I have 3, and after 9500 clicks, just one sign up, But ifyou were to use one from the links below then, i'd reccomend just buying 1 000 000 hits to your website, after which you'll get about 20-150 refs. (as a one off) 

The website you have made can have a hit counter, to monitor the incoming hits every day, to make sure you are recieveing them, and tracking how many you get each day! You can get these from HTML websites that can be found using Google. 

Hope this covers all in "Websites" Add to this section, by posting below, or sending me a PM.


This is a decent way to earn a fair amount of refs, but its not just uploading a video, there are loads of tricks to try and find, here is my favourite:

The Greedy Viewer Trick:

Creating multiple accounts (50) and placing different videos in loads of different sections with different names has proven very useful, and gets you 2 refs every 6 hours acording to those that have tried this trick.

Youtube can get you into triple refs if you are good at it, so here is some Informative text: 

First, make a video, Use the windows movie maker software if you want to do this for quickness. It has simple, easy to use, yet basic tools, to make a video. This software is also FREE. But if you want to make a nice snazzy video, with your favourite music go ahead! 

||-------------------------The 6X Trick --------------------||

Alot of you may have been told about the 6X ref trick before. Now wether you actually did this trick, really depends on how far into the rfs you are. The earlier you start, the quicker you get refs. Below are two website related to the 6x trick. 

www.The 6

Both are very easy sites to use, offering high quality refs driven to your link. The 6 links just allows targeted visitors to view your site, and you get sign ups while doing it. Easyrefs on the other hand, is a ref tactic i have not tried, and i can therfore not say wether it works or not.  Getting refs using these methods is permitted, and works depending on how soon you use them (due to p2s link build up) and how lucky you are (as easy refs says UP TO 100 refs, so some may get more than others!) 

|-----------------------Free Options-----------------------|

Free options include :

Advertising in the local paper
Using an autosurf (
Using a classifieds site.
Using business cards
Puting up ads in windows.

What i reccomend doing is getting your link onto one of the following sites for free:
Tower Hits
UnionJack Hits

|------------------------------Paid Options---------------------------|

This may sound like the sort of thing you don't want to do. BUT: If the price of refs ic cheaper than actually what you earn from them, you make a profit. 
Paid options are way better than free options, and can get you into THOUSANDS OF REFS. Here are a few tips to getting refs the easy way.

Buy referrals direct from companies that guarantee refs and signups. (You can buys as many as you want) and make surre you make a profit, and continue to do so from existing sign-ups. 

Buying ref guides is a good idea, but be aware of the drawbacks.
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