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Number Limbo!
moneymaka2Date: Sunday, 2010 Jul 11, 0:54 AM | Message # 1
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How low can you go? Every day someone wins the jackpot by guessing the lowest unique number; if you don't win today then try again tomorrow! BUT choose a good number because if anyone else guesses it you will both lose!

10 guess weekend!
Wager up to 100 points per day but don't forget when choosing your numbers that there will be a lot more guesses than on weekdays!

Entrance Fee
There is a fee of 10 points per entry and everyone can guess 10 numbers today. All entrance fees are added to the jackpot until the end of the day when the person with the lowest unique number wins the jackpot!

Do you need help deciding?
The results page shows previous winning numbers, lowest unguessed numbers, and some statistics about today's game. It can be a big help if you're not sure how low to go!

AbbyAWDate: Wednesday, 2010 Jul 14, 7:45 PM | Message # 2
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If you have troubles understanding how to play the game when it says choose "lowest unique number" it means you have to guess a number that NO ONE else has chosen. For example, you use all 5 guesses allowed on weekdays choosing 7, 24, 73, 31, and 152. you will be given the amount of matches on the number you chose. 7, 24, 31 and 152 matched over 3 on each by others picking the number you have as well. So those would be losing numbers. but 73 only matched one, what you chose so you would win.

on account of placing from 1st to 4th it depends how close that number was to zero. lets say 15 was unguessed as well but you didn't pick it and your in second place. 1st would go to that 15

also try not to guess over the 200's range going any higher your more likely to lose even if you were the only one to guess it since remember it is way too far from zero

Help Forum » Games & Contests » Everything About Games » Number Limbo!
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