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Help Forum » Support » Account Issues » Recieved a message from Admin? (Read this topic!)
Recieved a message from Admin?
puddleukDate: Wednesday, 2010 Jul 14, 2:20 AM | Message # 1
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Ok, so we're getting sick of the same questions being asked over and over. I agree that the form letter you received isn't necessarily the most helpful, so I'm going to give you a better set of stock answers. Just remember that asking here or in the shoutbox WILL NOT GET YOUR TICKET ANSWERED ANY FASTER. Ticket response will be what it is, and you will need to be patient. Also remember that they do NOT run security checks on your account until you have placed an order, so that's why the timing will seem so perfectly against you!

If they ask about your relationship to someone else: Likely that someone shares some sort of info with you - your IP, your address, your password, something. I don't know what, and it's always something different. If you don't know this person, say so. Just don't lie.

If they request some form of ID from you: Something you've done has put your account's integrity into question. Perhaps you logged in from a public place, or someone else logged into your account (or you logged into theirs), etc. Something you've done has made them suspect your account of fraud. If you think you are not guilty, then go ahead and just give them some ID to verify that you are you. This can be an ID, a driver's license, school ID, passport - even a gym ID if it has your picture. If it does not have the address on it, two (2) pieces of mail are required that are addressed to you. You must scan/take a clear picture of the relevant document (envelope, passport, etc), and you can blank out the parts you think should be hidden (such as SSN or driver's license number). A handwritten envelope will not work for this!

If they question why you have logged in so far away from your current location: This is a tricky one. You may have used your computer (laptop, phone, psp, etc) somewhere else, like a public location, or just some other place entirely (took a cross country visit and logged in once from your destination, who knows). If you have not done this, then here's what you do. Go to, and click "IP Address Lookup, Information, and Location", then click ok. See what it says for your current location. If that location is 300 miles away from you, then there's your problem. Refer the P2S admin to that page and hopefully you will be cleared of problems.

If they say you've been suspected of cheating in games: Well, if you've been using 3rd party tools in any form, you're doomed. However, IF YOU HAVE NOT BEEN CHEATING, then here's some information: There are indeed false-positives in the system. Since they have been cracking down hard on cheaters lately, they take any suspicious activity and clamp down. This includes frequent erroring out of games, or unusually high scores.

A couple things to note, if your computer actually is too slow, or your hardware is incompatible with the Flash game (we have yet to find a specific reason for this, so it's possible the game crashes on a top-of-the-line gaming computer), then the game will crash frequently for you, and they will throw the cheating flag. As long as you're entirely honest with your responses, then hopefully they will lift the block/ban on your account.

If they say you have been spamming: Basically, if you racked your way up to 75, 100, or more forums posts in a single day, with a LOT in a specific topic section (such as 30 "congrats" posts in a row, or 30 "welcome to the site" posts in a row), then that's spamming. Doing that on offer comments is fine, but if your posts are consistently spam ("bout to do it", "offer is easy", or gibberish), then we send a warning. Also, bumping long dead topics (months old or more) just to say "lol" is frowned upon.

Now, if your spamming wasn't TOO bad, then this is just a warning, and as long as you promise to stop, then you'll be fine. If we deem it out of control, then either your account will be blocked until you apologize and promise to stop, or we'll just shut off forum access to you, in which case there is no redemption, period.

I'll add more as I think of them. Above all, BE TRUTHFUL! Don't lie to the admins, because you will be caught, and your chance of clearing your account issue and becoming able to order again will be in jeopardy!

Help Forum » Support » Account Issues » Recieved a message from Admin? (Read this topic!)
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