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Proof, Video and Opinion Manual Offer Guides
puddleukDate: Saturday, 2010 Jul 10, 6:06 PM | Message # 1
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First of all, if you have not yet found the offers to these, you can find them: Here (Proof) Here (Lights, Camera, POINTS!) and Here (Your Opinion)

Proof (Posting your proof)

- Use a nice camera to send it in with
- Get all your items that came with your product in the picture
- Decorate your banner that says "Thanks Points2Shop!"
- When it asks for username and Email put your P2S username and in email put the link on the Proof forum on Points2Shop where your testimonial is located.
- You may get replies on your forum, so check back to it soon!
- Use your best prize if you have more than one, I.E your more expensive prize.
- Link the two! You may want to use the same picture in your Lights Camera POINTS offer video.
- Post it with a caption below it, who knows! Your caption may even make it to the front page of Points2Shop!
- If you got a letter with your prize from Points2Shop, include this in your photo too.

Lights, Camera, POINTS! (Make a Video about points2shop)

- As with proof, give them your username you used on Youtube, and paste your Youtube link to your video in the email part of the box.
- Don't just use your ref video! Make a new video showing off what you can earn with Points2Shop.
- Use pictures, and colorful text to show off your video.
- Include a good description.
- Be patient! It can take P2S a while to watch your video before it approves!
- Make it the right length! None of this 10 second stuff, but not too prolix that its a 10 minute drama...
- Put yourself in the video! It’s always nice to see you rather than something you whipped up without a web cam on Windows movie maker.
- Use your ref link in the description if you have to, or if you desperately need refs.
- Entice them! Show them what you can earn like Microsoft Points and Xbox 360's
- Show pictures of popular prizes, and if you aren't sure what these are, see the p2s homepage.

Tip: use an HD camera if you have one to record a video of yourself for this offer.

Your Opinion (Post your opinion on points2shop on another site or Forum)

- Post on a well-known forum
- Make your post not too long or short
- Say positive things about points2shop!
- You may want to include your ref link
- You may want to include pictures
- Tell them what you can earn
- Don't Spam! This is likely to get you denied, or left pending.
- Write effectively, using words like "fantastic" or "excellent"
- Tell them it works
- Its best if you use the same username you use on P2S to avoid confusion.
- Use "because" don't just say "p2s is good" say why this is.

All of these will increase your chances of getting approved. Tip: get opinions from other users on the forum to give their opinion to back up your point about the site.

Hope this advice helps you get approved!

Help Forum » Offers » Guides » Proof, Video and Opinion Manual Offer Guides
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