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Help Forum » Offers » Guides » Simple Guide to NDR offers (Guide to doing NDR Offers)
Simple Guide to NDR offers
Outrun1986Date: Monday, 2010 Jul 12, 6:04 PM | Message # 1
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This guide is for NDR offers, there are a lot of them on P2S and getting them to approve will mean lots of points for you. I have gotten almost every single NDR to approve using this method.

1. Fill in email address or Zip Code on the first page (make sure you are using an email that has not been used for other NDR offers, if you use an email that has been used in previous NDR offers the offer will tell you, you have already been signed up). If it does this sign out, clear cookies and try the offer again with another email address or the next day. It will still approve.

2. Fill in the information, address, name etc.

3. Fill out at least 6 yes/no's on each page. I recommend filling out at least 10 but others have had success with just 3.

4.You can skip all the cell phone type offers

5. There will be more yes/no's, do the same as above, 6 or more on each page.

6. When you get to the end I recommend clicking all the bonus offers, do not worry if some do not load

7. Under the bonus offers there will be another link that says something like "click to finish survey", click that.

8. There will be another page of yes/no's, click 6 or more

9. Say yes or skip the offers as usual

10. when you get to the next page of yes/no's you can stop there and mark the offer complete

11. You may want to leave all the windows open for a few minutes to make sure the offer has enough time to credit

I am using emails from in case some are wondering or having trouble with approvals.

Another thing I have done that seems to help approval is to sign into the email account you will be using for the offer either right before you do the offer or the day before or sometimes recent. This seems to help because advertisers like active emails and if you have not logged in in a month or a few weeks it may not be seen as an active email and the offer may not approve.

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Help Forum » Offers » Guides » Simple Guide to NDR offers (Guide to doing NDR Offers)
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