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Help Forum » Offers » Advice » retryable offers (if you didnt get it approved the first time)
retryable offers
AbbyAWDate: Saturday, 2010 Jul 10, 6:01 PM | Message # 1
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Most of the offers here now give you a chance to retry them again later if you didnt get approved the first time which is a great thing biggrin but what many do when an offer does not approve the first time is do it the same exact way they did it and that is a big no-no. Of course there are times when even though you do it the same it still approves the next time but its always best to change it up

> One of the most common reasons an offer did not approve is because you rushed through it too quickly so try slowing it down a bit. this does include the download offers try leaving in the program until the offer approves or longer then just simply installing it to delete right after.

~When your doing the offers try staying at each page a bit longer and always make sure the page fully loads to the cookies are tracked. Spending a longer time is a better quality to advertisers and its more likely they will approve you for taking your time. I believe anyway that they put some kind of timer on each page >.> and if you go through the pages exactly or over time limit you meet that quality they were looking for but its just a notion lol.

> It is also best to try the offers using a different email each time and when i say different i mean if you used yahoo try instead or hotmail. I say this does help since alot of the time advertisers prefer certain emails than others. I noticed that more of the time i get MRV approved when i use hotmail and the QGNJL offers almost never approve for me if i dont use gmail. This can benefit knowing what type of email is best for certain offers.

> If you are doing those common path offers especially try opting in 1 or more offers on the CPA walls than you did originally. CPA stands for cost per acquisition (or action) and it is the cost each lead (us) or sale is made by us completing it. it is usually tracked by some type of special code input on the confirmation page. So the more you complete the better since doing those opt ins gets the advertisers paid and if they are paid well they are way more likely to approve that offer for you.

> It also helps to not clear your cookies too soon i always clear my them only after the offer approves or several minutes after. This has raised my approval rate so much more than when i used to clear immediately after.

These are just tips on getting them approved way better from what i have found smile but of course we all have different ways

Help Forum » Offers » Advice » retryable offers (if you didnt get it approved the first time)
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