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Help Forum » Offers » Advice » Daily surveys (For a better way to qualify)
Daily surveys
AbbyAWDate: Saturday, 2010 Jul 10, 6:14 PM | Message # 1
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*try when ever you can to make a new email when doing even the surveys. Like offers, if you keep using the same one over and over again its more likely you will not get new surveys for you to do since your already logged in their system

*ECN/giveusyour2cents/opinion surveys/PR9104 (at times router) are surveys that are connected to each other like amp, my thoughts and the other PR is. Lets say you made a new email and qualified and completed an amp and want to try mythoughts now and qualifying is even harder. Just remember those surveys are linked together and even though the name of the surveys arent the same basically they still are and your info will be stored and they remember you. Have you ever tried and ECN put in info then notice that there are already check marks added to the boxes? That means you have used the email there already you can still qualify for surveys but making a new one is your best bet

*Get to know the surveys. I do surveys alot so i pick up when is the best time to qualify for the surveys. Amp is trickiest for me but i noticed doing those surveys at 4-5pm or 10-11pm (my time) i qualify so much easier. What its best to do take a pattern of whenever you qualified and completed surveys you rarely qualify for. You may begin to notice you always qualify around a certain time and try them when possible around those hours.

*offers do indeed give out new surveys everyday but they are hidden especially depending on whether you qualify on the questions they give out before handing it to you ive noticed this is how they do it at times. If you want to try and get those new surveys try doing them at the beginning of each hour and not near the end. They rotate which ones they want every hour and change them every hour so if you do one near the end of the hour you may have a lesser chance of qualifying since quotas may get filled already and they need no more.

*change browsers. If you didnt qualify for a survey it helps to use a different browser and try again (note that IE is the best to use when doing surveys and try using it for surveys only if you dont really use it

These tips do help but dont always expect to qualify each time if your not a mom with kids and they kick you out or you arent the main shopping provider and they give you the boot dont take it so bad since its clear its what they wanted for you to continue. There are many others to try out for if you dont qualify you can come back anytime throughout the day just make sure to clear cookies before starting again your bound to qualify for some.

Help Forum » Offers » Advice » Daily surveys (For a better way to qualify)
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