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Help Forum » Offers » Advice » Manual offers (Basics on how to complete them)
Manual offers
AbbyAWDate: Saturday, 2010 Jul 10, 6:21 PM | Message # 1
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Though the offers are pretty easy to do many who try them for the first time get pretty confused so this guide will hopefully clear it out

Lights, Cameras, Points

for this manual you need to create and upload your OWN video on youtube explaining about the site you even you redeeming your own prize from p2s

Once you have finished uploading the video copy/paste the URL and paste on the completion form.

*do not expect credit to be instant from any of these manual offers. They take a few hours to approve since they are the only offers checked by an admin

Your Opinion

For this one all you need to do is write your own opinion about p2s on a different forum. there are so many types of places do do this such as at gaming, tv or social sites or even starting your own blog. If you have no idea as to where to post your opinion you can finds loads of places by putting good ol Google to work just type in the kind of place you'd like to post such as "gaming forums" and a great list pops up of many places you can post

Copy/paste the link of your post on the completion form


Once you have received your item take a pic of it with packaging and user name (preferred but not necessary)

Then once you have that pic you need to upload it to get a [img] link photobucket or imageshack is a great choice

Once you have the link you input the link on the 4th icon that says " add a picture" at the bottom where a space for replying is located and place the link in there

Degreesmash/ Degreebang

when you visit the offer you need click on a banner to start to fill in your info (if your not there already) so they can find a school for you

These offers at least for me do not give out a email confirm so once they give out 1 or more schools they find for you, that's it. copy/paste that whole form and claim it

*****There are plenty other manuals added often that come and go so make sure to heck everyone in a while to catch them. Those offers are more or less the same

sign up for the place you visit then you can either copy/paste the proof that shows you actually did sign up for the site successfully on the site itself or checking the email you used and the info they gave and claim the offer

Help Forum » Offers » Advice » Manual offers (Basics on how to complete them)
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